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Professional Feline Health Exams and Preventative Care

Are you looking for a cat veterinarian in Denver? Denver Cat Hospital specializes in feline veterinary care. From kittens to senior cats, we know how to handle felines, including cats that don’t particularly like trips to the vet. We specialize in cat health exams and feline veterinary care, so reach out to us for any issues affecting your cat.


Cat Health Exams Explained

Humans can tell their doctor what hurts and describe their symptoms. Unfortunately, cats cannot communicate so easily. Still, there are many telltale signs of sickness and injuries among felines. It can be difficult to pick up on your cat’s cues if you don’t know what to look for and how felines act.

Denver Cat Hospital specializes in feline care. Our veterinarians work with cats all the time, providing vital treatment. A cat health exam is one of the most important parts of veterinary treatment because it allows us to check on your cat and determine his or her health.

We can examine your feline’s teeth, muscles, fur, ears, paws, vital signs, weight, and more. If needed, we can look into pet lab testing when more information is needed for a diagnosis. Either way, your cat and his or her health is put front and center during the cat health exam.

Why Preventative Care is so Important for Cats

Regular check-ups with your cat will allow our veterinarians to create a preventative care plan to ensure that your cat is healthy not only now but throughout your pet’s life. With preventative pet care, we can look out for risk factors and prevent health problems before they develop.

For example, if your cat is putting on weight and running the risk of becoming obese, we can provide nutritional counseling and set up a diet plan to ensure your cat does not become overweight. An obese cat may be more likely to suffer from joint problems, diabetes, and other medical issues.

Likewise, our cat veterinarian can check your cat’s teeth. If we find plaque build-up or issues with the gums, we will recommend treats that will clean your cat’s teeth while it chews. We may also recommend regular cleaning to prevent serious feline dental problems. We can look for various other health problems and prescribe preventative treatments as needed.

Cat Health Exams and Preventative Care in Denver, CO

Cats are playful and active animals. They love exploring and have a knack for getting in trouble. They are also great companions. Make sure that your cat enjoys the veterinary treatment that he or she deserves. A cat checkup and the right preventative health measures will help ensure that your cat enjoys a long, healthy life. Call the veterinarians at Denver Cat Hospital for top-notch veterinary care at (303) 757-7892.


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