Flea and Tick Prevention

If you have a cat and worry about fleas and ticks, you aren't alone. These parasites can cause serious health problems for cats. They can be found in many different areas outdoors, and they love to attach themselves to cats. If you are looking for a cat veterinarian for your preventative care or cat vaccinations, call our veterinarians at Denver Cat Hospital. We provide cats with flea and tick prevention medication so your cat doesn't have to suffer from infestations.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and Cats

Fleas carry several diseases and often have their own parasites that can spread to cats. When a cat grooms and eats a flea, it may develop tapeworms. These tapeworms can cause numerous health problems for cats. Fleas also carry cat scratch diseases that can result in a serious bacterial infection for humans. Fleas cause anemia with their constant bites. They can also cause allergic reactions such as allergic dermatitis in cats. Some of the diseases caused by flea bites are often fatal. Others, like dermatitis, can be intensely uncomfortable for your cat.

Ticks and Cats

Ticks can cause a lot of diseases and irritation with their bites. Cats can get Lyme disease from the bites of certain types of ticks. Cats can also get Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Bobcat fever. Bobcat fever is a serious illness that is often fatal for cats. Ticks can be difficult to find on a pet and can multiply on your cat rapidly.

Preventative Care for Cats

Your cat needs flea and tick prevention to keep these pests at bay. These medications come in several different formats so you can choose the one that is best with your schedule and lifestyle. Many are oral medications that last for a month or more. Many of these medications are chewable to make it easier for you to get your cat to take them. Some injections last a long time and can provide up to a full year of protection.

Contact Our Cat Veterinarians in Denver

If your cat doesn't take flea and tick prevention medication, it could be at risk of being bitten. Whether you need cat vaccinations, a health exam, or a prescription for flea and tick medication, our veterinarians at Denver Cat Hospital are here to help. Call our team today at (303) 757-7892 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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