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Cats present unique health challenges due to the way they digest their food to their common diseases. At Denver Cat Hospital, our cat veterinarian and supportive staff are here to help your cats stay healthy and live a long, comfortable life. Read on to learn more about our feline health-care services.

Services We Provide

We are all about taking care of cats and keeping them feeling good throughout their life. Here is what we offer for felines.

Comprehensive Exams 

A comprehensive or annual exam with the cat veterinarian helps you get a baseline on how well your cat is doing as they age. The exam covers the teeth, eyes, ears, heart and digestive system. The vet is looking for anything abnormal and checks for parasites such as fleas and worms. Another benefit of an annual checkup is preventative care.

Preventative Care

Cats are prone to age-related illnesses and chronic conditions that are very manageable if they're caught early. A comprehensive or annual exam can uncover these problems and determine their severity. Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan can be drawn up to control the symptoms.


Our full service cat veterinarian staff is ready and able to take care of your cat's surgical needs. We repair broken bones, remove foreign objects from the digestive tract and help prevent unwanted feline pregnancies through spay and neuter surgeries. 


Vaccinations prevent a cat from experiencing many unwanted illnesses that can severely affect your pet's quality of life. We are happy to help your new kitten get a healthy start on life and make sure your older cats stay protected with boosters.


Tartar and plaque can build up in a cat's mouth the same as it does in a human. If left untreated, your cat runs the risk of losing their teeth and dealing with gum disease that can keep them from eating. We can give your cat a full dental that includes cleaning teeth, evaluating their condition and determining what steps to take if any. We also offer dental services for cats who need teeth pulled for medical reasons.

Urgent Care

We're here for you and your cat when an emergency strikes. Our veterinary team is ready to assist your cat in the event of an accident, poison ingestion, or when a chronic condition has worsened. 

Call Us at Our Denver Full Service Cat Veterinarian Clinic for an Appointment

At Denver Cat Hospital, we are here to offer compassionate and comprehensive health care for your cat under any circumstance. We understand that your cat is your family and treat your cat as we would our own. Give us a call today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.


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