Cat Surgery

If your cat is suffering from a serious condition or has been injured, it may need surgery. If that’s the case, you’ll want to work with a cat veterinarian who specializes in treating felines. Denver Cat Hospital in Denver, CO can give your cat all the help it needs.

There are several scenarios that might require cat surgery. Every situation is different, and our team can help you prepare your pet.


When Cats Need Surgery

Cats may need surgery for a variety of reasons. Serious conditions, such as cancer or organ failure, often require surgery. Thyroid glands, among other things, can also cause problems and may require cat surgery.

Major injuries are also a common problem. If your cat has gotten into a fight with another cat or even a dog, surgery may be needed to stop bleeding (including internal bleeding) and to solve other issues.

The most common cat surgery is getting your feline neutered or spayed. This will prevent your cat from getting pregnant or impregnating other cats.

Getting your kitten fixed is extremely important in controlling cat populations. By spaying or neutering your kitten, you’ll reduce pressure on animal shelters and protect wildlife, including birds, from predation. Feral and outdoor cats kill billions of birds per year.

Spaying and neutering are low-risk surgeries and are generally recommended for cats that weigh at least 2 pounds and are 8 weeks or older. However, it’s best to get your cat fixed while it is a kitten so you can avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Another common surgery is tooth extractions. Cat dental care is important in making sure your feline’s teeth are clean and healthy. Our cat veterinarians can regularly check on your feline’s dental health.

Prepping Your Cat for Surgery

Make sure you talk with our vets about your cat, the surgery it will undergo, and how you should prepare for it. There are some general rules for surgeries. First, cats should not eat before surgery. If a cat vomits under, it could choke. You should also limit drinking for the same reason.

Generally, you want to avoid rough play both before and after surgery as this can lead to complications. Rest is important.

Bring Your Cat in Today

At Denver Cat Hospital in Denver, CO, we want to help your cat live a healthy life. If you have any questions or concerns about surgery or want to make an appointment, call us today.


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